Saturday, January 19, 2008

Navigationally Challenged

So--I roll up to the Andy ride at the Park & Ride in Delmar this morning and announce that I will have to peel off early to make it home by 1:30. Hang with the group for a while, which is quite nice. Then Utah Rob and I decide to double back (he being stressed about his dissertation, me having to get back for 2nd shift and take my daughter to a birthday party). Do not ever ask either one of us for directions. We finally stopped at 144 and the Thruway (near Selkirk) and got our bearings. I am a top candidate for a GPS, if ever there was one. Getting a new phone today, dammit.

Even with the low-level stress of being lost and late, Rob and I had an awesome early-season-pace ride. So where did the rest of the group go and what time did you roll back up to the P&R?


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eric said...

i rode about 10 more minutes with the group and realized I had to get back myself. then, since I had no idea where I was I went an other hour with the group hoping we'd get back soon.

Then I asked Andy when we were gonna get back. He said it'd be another hour give or take. At that point I found rt 32 and road back to the park and ride, where I somehow managed to run into Rob just getting back, even though he left with Danny two hours before.

You guys must have been really lost.