Monday, January 28, 2008

Frozen Fritter

Although I rather lost track of the route in my hypoxic daze, it included the Escarpment, Stovepipe, Cass Hill, and some roads only Chuck would consider rideable (and one that he finally conceded was not).

Q and I set out on our cross bikes yesterday for a little "mixed-use-road" adventure. At one point, on one of his secret passageway climbs, we encountered what seemed to be more frozen stream bed than road. Not much point in riding it, but we tried and ended up on the ground several times. Other than that dark moment of walking up a frozen waterfall carrying a bike, the ride was sublime. We passed incredible views and smiling, friendly folks (typically shaking their heads with that "look at that idiot trying to ride a bike on a snowmobile trail" smile on their faces).

I had not planned to be doing tons of climbing this early in the season (especially in a 42/26), but it felt great. And the new cross bike handles and rides like a dream.



James said...

Ooooo, sorry I missed that one. I received a cryptic voice mail from q that offered a 'cycling proposition'. I guess that was it. Maybe you two would consider a fritter part deux?

How does dirt look on pearly white tubing?

eric said...

you guys make me proud.

deegee said...

I like the way the mud stands out on the new ride. As Q points out, the bike glistens in the mud like lovingly polished human bone. We'll definitely do a deux, though I vote for waiting until it thaws just a little. My forearms need to heal before I bash them repeatedly on the ice again.

Jeff Pepper at CK Cycles did an awesome job setting up the squirrely bottom-bracket situation. Had trouble with my single-ring setup and the crazy wide carbon chainstays. He's a real pro and a super nice guy to boot. Buy your next bike from him.

deegee said...

Fritter, Frozen.