Thursday, January 24, 2008

lt recovrey critical power workout blah blah blah

here's some data from my first work out of the year based on Monday's test:

6, 2 min. intervals at 300w. 30 seconds recovery. 2 sets for 12 total intervals.

The chat looks messed up for some reason. My power dropped more then it appears to between intervals during the first set. The second set looks right. I have no idea why the it looks like this, as the on bike readout showed much lower watts between intervals then what appears here.

Here's the total ride sunmary:
Since it was an interval workout data based on the total average isn't too useful, but the total work done will be an interesting number to compare at as I collect more ride data.

The theory with this is workout is that it should hastens recovery. By holding critical power multiple times with little recovery in between it should improve recovery at that wattage, enabling repeated efforts above LT without a long recovery time.

As it turns out I may have had the interval length set too long and the power a little low. As I was recovering okay, but never getting my hr to average above my LT HR during the interval. I averaged in the 160s for each interval - should have been in the 170s.

So next time - 320 watts, probably for 1 min or 1:30, with 30 seconds recovery. Getting the hr up above lt is pretty much critical to making this workout do anything. I doubt I can repeat 320w efforts multiple times if I hold it 2 minutes, so the interval time will have to be reduced and number of intervals increased.

so, next week look for a 3 set workout with 6x 1:00 intervals at 320w. We'll see how that goes.

In other news, It looks like some back country skiing is in the works. I prefer to get my base miles on snow when possible...



James said...
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James said...

Intervals in January!? You are gonna be a scary dude on the bike!