Thursday, May 15, 2008

Giro de Syracuse NY

Its that time of year again folks - as the pro peloton rolls through the beautiful Italian countryside, chasing glory, espresso, and Italian models, the cat four ranks in Upstate New York ready themselves for battle at the equally prestigious Syracuse Race Weekend (UCI 0.2) There are a lot of similarities between the two events, such as they are both more than one day long.

The giro's array of stages includes time trials, flat stages and the epic snow covered summit finishes. The Syracuse RR starts and ends at a ski area, but somehow they forgot that there's supposed to be snow and mountains where you go skiing (see post 85) . I guess that's why they've taken to hosting bike races instead.

The CBRC bomb squad will be in attendance in full force, ie: I won't be the only one there. Be prepared for bike riding, bbq eating, and potential fruitless attacks in the crit, followed by me attempting to prove I can in fact sprint my way out of a paper bag. Should be fun.

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James said...

Got any updates from day 1?