Thursday, May 29, 2008

return to the blog-o-sphere

welcome back to myself. The last two weeks have been pretty crazy as I had to move to binghamton NY for my summer law school intern job. Don't ask me how or why, just accept it. I'll be back in NYCROSS country August 1, and luckily, there's a bike racing scene here too, so I should be able to report on racing in the southern tier on a regular basis.

Interesting things from my life in the last two weeks:

started working at a law firm in Binghamton. realized I want to be a public defender.

Did the Syracuse stage race. Finsihed 12 on gc in the 3/4. I am the man.

Did some totally wild training rides in norther PA and southern NY, getting mad lost to the point where I called James and had him google map me a route home. it was getting dark and I was on dirt roads.

Showed up at my first TVC time trial, told the president of Tioga Velo that I wasn't very fast, then beat him. is that a fau paux?

went back to albany last weekend, and stayed out with pete until 3am every night. ended up in the fuzebox dancing with this chick and drinking redbull and vodka's like I was on Team Highroad and about to win a giro stage. (ask jimbo to explain this one).

Saw Matt Goedeke get his Cat 1 partying upgrade, on a Sunday.

Okay, this post is not going anywhere so I'm gonna stop.

Bike racing vs another thing will return later this week. There's a lot of awesome things to compare bike racing too in the southern tier.

rock and roll.


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