Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Alley Cat + Tulip Fest

There's an alley cat this saturday during tulip fest. If you're not going to bear mountain and think you can navigate around albany faster than the next guy give it a shot.

disclaimer: this isn't anything anyone with any concern for their own safety would or should do. Its not put on by me, anyone I know, or anyone I would like to know. If you do it its totally at your own risk and you completely and utterly assume all risks associated with riding your bicycle while participating in, and while not participating in, this grand event. I personally and actually suggest you not do it, since you're probably going to crash and then try and sue my pants since you can't handle riding a bike around town. If you do do it, its not my problem, nor is it anyone else's problem.

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Andrew said...

You could've linked to my website rather than directly hotlinking to my picture.