Friday, April 18, 2008

Got two bikes?

Want the measurements to match? If your answers are yes and yes (like me) see the rest of this post.

Since I recently suffered an injury that may have been triggered by switching from my winter training bike to my race bike I decided to get them matched perfectly.

I rode the bike in the pictures all winter. Approximately 1500 miles in 10 weeks. The second week of March I switched over to my race bike. I rode that for about 400 miles over two weeks.

I've been off the bike completely since April 2nd, healing. Seems that I have injured a nerve near my left ischial tuberosity - pedaling is impossible. When I compared the two bikes the measurements did not match. Needless to say I was really aggravated at myself for the stupid mistake. There were other factors involved, such as an awful saddle (Specialized Toupe), and long-term stiffness in my hips from being hit by a car eleven months ago, but the bikes were setup differently and that is a mistake.

Here are some pictures of the rigs I made to transfer my measurements from my winter training bike to my race bike. I had the levels and clamps in my tool box. I bought two pieces of straight, square, pine from Home Depot. Overall it was cheap (I only bought the lumber and carpenter's square) but if you don't have the Irwin Quick-Grips, it will cost more.

The rigs I made were to transfer the three most important measurements: saddle height, reach to the handlebars, and saddle setback from bottom bracket (similar to reach). The saddle bracket I made was helpful in getting the saddles exactly level to the ground. Overall I was more satisfied with the results than 'eyeballing-it' with my tape measure. I am confident the measurements match to the millimeter.

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