Friday, April 18, 2008

Rest Day?

Having ridden Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I concluded that yesterday should be a rest day. With finals coming up its time to start studying pretty much all the time so I've got to be very focused with training and make sure I maximize time on the bike, and also maximize time off the bike by learing awesome things like the New York Estate Property Transfer Law on my days where half my afternoon's not spent in lycra.

Yesterday here's what I did instead of ride a bike:
Got snow tires off my car.
Got a hair cut.
Studied, kinda.
Met up with Pete to celebrate his birthday and watch the baseball game.
Lost a Rock Paper Scissors match requiring me to get a tatoo of what I threw in the match if I lost (scissors).

Now you see why I write most of this blog about bike racing and not my "normal person" life.

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