Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Here are some pics of my bike after the accident. I cannot believe the crank arm bent that way and I made it through with no broken bones. The impact knocked me out of my left shoe.
The driver failed to yield the right-of-way while turning left and plowed into me as I was going through the intersection. My head took a hard hit but I am thankful to the people at Giro for making a strong helmet: the Atmos. The driver was a 22 year old guy who actually dropped a get-well card into my mailbox and rang the doorbell to express his concern and regret for not seeing me. I told him we were both lucky.



Dave Beals said...


Awesome pictures. You were indeed lucky. The insurance guy's comments are typical, and probably thought that the bike could be replaced for $300. I had a similar experience with my insurance company when one of my bikes was stolen. It was an old (but nice) reynolds 531 with nearly everything upgraded. I had to send in receipts and pages out of bike catalogs to prove the true cost of the bike. The insurance examiner was a young girl who just could not believe that a pair of Look pedals cost 150.00. I hope your experience with your ins company is better and i hope that your recovery is quick. If you are up to riding and need a bike, let me know. I can loan you one of mine (57cm).

James said...

Thanks Dave,
Recovery is going ok. Bike stuff is way too expensive, seriously. I never pay full price since I wait for sales, closeouts, hand-me-downs, and bike shop hookups. Looking at the bill for replacing everything I was somewhat shocked as well. Insurance coverage is a crazy business.

Zazu said...

Good words.