Wednesday, April 2, 2008

JC2 Results up

I have to update a couple comments from my previous post. It shows what mayhem is going on during the bunch sprint as everything changes very quickly in the last 30 seconds of the race.

I remember having NAV riders side by side with me at the start of the sprint, but apparently they got overtaken and it was Seamus Powell from Windham Mtn. Outfitters that came up alongside me at the end.

The results illustrate how important the position is in the wind. The NAV guys lined up all the way to the left and launched first, it looks like riders coming up the right had an easier go of it in the last 200m. The top four riders all went by me on the right - Matt actually went by me on the left because he's that badass.


Anonymous said...

Winner of the B race was a Cat1? Plus the other top Canadian racers in the B were As that got dropped the week before in the nuetral zone.

Danny Goodwin said...

Three of our guys in the top ten! Huzzah! I wonder if that Cat 1 is a typo. If not, that dude already won the sandbagger-of-the-year award, and the season is just getting started.

I hereby propose a Friday easy spin pep-rally ride to get us in the warrior frame of mind for the final race on Saturday. I'm free in the morning. SOC? Motorpacing behind a car blasting AC/DC?


James said...

The motorpacing sounds like fun but I think its gonna be raining Friday morning.