Tuesday, May 15, 2007

weekend minicamp

Here are the results of TT Saturday. The conditions were not ideal because of the wind:

May 12, 2007
3 laps of the State Office Campus
Strong breeze, clear, 62-65 degrees

Coach Chris parked the truck at the start/finish and played tunes to take our minds off the lactic acid haze.

Nice job by all. I saw Pete finish and he was moving pretty fast. Mackenzie and Curtis were putting in some really good efforts as well.

Following the TT, Chris setup a crit course with some cones in the lot we ride through during cross practice. After several laps of hard riding we were all ready to call it a day. The crit practice was really sweet (high quality workout and good skills training) and we plan to do that again in the future.

Sunday we rolled out around 8:45 from lot H to find some hills. Steve took us on a nice route of about 50 miles with plenty of climbing. The weather was perfect and the hills were tough.

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