Monday, May 21, 2007

throwing down.

first off, last wednesday I signed Pete up for open mike night at the lark tavern. suprised yet composed, he went on to perform at roughly 1:30 am. At this point I had been in or near the bar from roughly 2pm when my last final of the semester ended until then. each performer got two songs. Here's what I remember: Pete started to sing, then stopped, then apologized and said this was the first time he had used a microphone. Then he sang half of one of the most fantastic songs ever, Jeruselum by Dan Bern. Google/itunes it now. He stopped halfway through, anfd everyone clapped. Then he sang the second half. Everyone clapped again. Then a large man made Pete get off the stage. amazing.

we pedaled bikes at some point too. rock on.

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