Friday, May 4, 2007

Jiminy Peak Tomorrow.

Jiminy goes off tomorrow at 11:25. Its one of the longest running races in New England. I guess that makes it prestigious. If you want a preview of the pain check out the map and elevation profile here. We have a solid group going and hopefully we'll be able to play out some tactics to control the final a little bit. With 125 people going into a 1 k uphill sprint control is a relative concept. The simplest way to run control is by putting it in the big ring and going as fast as you can.

Well there I go giving away team strategy to anyone who stumbles across the blog. Watch out, CBRC will be using the big ring and going as fast as they can tomorrow.


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James said...

Remember, if Dr. Rob Rides off the front after the right turn approaching the finish, like he and I did last year, someone be ready to counter attack.