Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nice to meet you.

Capital Bicycle Racing Club, aka CBRC is a group of racers, promoters, coaches and officials who live the cycling dream life after their 9-5 (or 8-7) day jobs let out. The team is comprised of a wide array of riders whose experience and abilities range from beginner to seasoned racer. This blog is the forum of the racers who train and compete together regularly, are dedicated to team racing and tactics, and enjoy wearing spandex in unexpected public places (law school library anyone?).

I am acting president and a cat four team member looking for those elusive upgrade points. My main motivation for upgrading is to avoid having to race at 8am all the time. I also enjoy running with my bike on my shoulder, unnaturally difficult- man vs. nature style riding, and peanut butter sandwiches.

You'll see many of the team members posting here with unique stories of death defying anaerobic efforts and near miss pothole incidents. I'll let them introduce themselves, but you can be sure they will provide unexpected perspectives on leg shaving vs. waxing, recovery beer, and occasionally, racing.

All in all, entertaining internet scribble for the Lance in each of us.


Jimmy Leone said...

looks good to me

mark said...

Nice start. Is SAAB still around as a stand alone dealer? The one in Halfmoon is "dust in the wind".

eric said...

i guess not. crazy.