Sunday, April 29, 2007

hour of power.

Yesterday club 84 struck out to christen Pete's new carbon Fuji with the for the Hour of Power to the Tower. The basic challenge is getting from Washington Park in downtown Albany to the top of Pinnacle Rd where the various radio and weather towers sit above Thatcher Park in under an hour. We took the longer way out Krumkill and were at the top in about an hour and 10. Not too shabby considering we stoped to buy Gatorade at the Stewart's in Voorheesville.

I would have rather been at Palmer avenging last years flat tire, but instead I was hitting the books in a Con Law review just about the time the race was going off. Fun... When I think about how wildly different my training style and general lifestyle is in school versus when I worked at the bike shop its hard to believe I even pedal a bike anymore. Actually, I do hardly pedal a bike now. We'll see how that works out at Jimminy Peak.

Today was 10 intervals at 30 secs at 560 watts at the office campus. A good way to make your legs sore. For reference 560 watts = about 31 mph for a 185 pound rider on the flat office campus loop. Its fun to go blowing by rec riders with their kids and have them think I'm all pro. Actually, they probably just think I'm a jerk head who needs to slow down.

My mountain biker friend Sam asked me why I go hard all the time. He said he likes to look at the scenery and chill out and not breath hard. He has the right idea.


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