Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back on the bike (indoors)

This weekend was tough, I really wanted to be riding and racing.

Saturday, Club 84 Willett (Pete, Jim, and Eric) assaulted Pinnacle Saturday afternoon. It was a nice day, party cloudy, not too windy, 60s - perfect for a good training ride. I think Pete was testing the new carbon Fuji.
Sunday, half the team was duking it out at Palmer. Last year Pete, Eric, and I had a pretty good race and were looking to do well this year along with the rest of the team. Looking forward to race reports.

Since my shoes and helmet are busted I decided to get back to training on the indoor bike. I set the bike in the trainer and put cleats back on the old shoes - don't need to worry about dizziness when the bike is clamped in place. 45 min. zone2/3, felt ok, it's good to get back at it. Here are a few pictures of the 'training room'. Our apartment has an extension for storage off the back. I only anticipated being stuck out there during the winter.

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