Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yet another "athlete" returning to the saddle

News Flash:

Mark Sumner announced today he was coming out of retirement. After close to 7 days off the bike he broke the news to Plump Magazine, leader in non-bike related things no-human-should-ever-see news.

When asked as to why return to the thankless sport after an extended absence, he said he was inspired by all the retired athletes making another go of it. That and having extinguished his supply of potato chips and South Park reruns.
More news later

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Dieter said...

Despite news reported to the contrary in various media outlets (including Guns & Ammo mag), I am NOT coming out of retirement. I am making the following statement:

"Cycling is for nuts, and I am tired of being nuts. Can you tell I am nuts? No, really."