Monday, September 8, 2008

Season 1 in the books

Ok, so I have just wrapped up my first ever season of bike racing (with a weak DNF result at the Catskills Stage Race) and would like to first off thank everyone who helped me in my rookie year. Now, with that out of the way I must say I learned a lot over the past 6 or so months. While I realize now I have much more to learn I'd like to quickly recap the 10 most important things I learned this year. So here goes this corny list....
10-it's way more then just genetics. (sorry dad)
9-when andy ruiz calls you and says dont worry its an easy endurance paced 3-4 hr ride you best be worrying
8-Jimmy Leone will drive to any bike race providing you pay for gas
7-matt purdy likes to ask you questions...when you're going uphill and your heart rate is 200
6-wind DOES matter
5-smartest usually wins. not the strongest
4-if you are going to raise your hands in victory at the biggest amature bike race in the country you best be damn sure nobody is in front of you.
3-eric shcillinger truly believes he can out sprint anyone. even if his front wheel is cracked in half
2-july means rest
1-i should have stuck to running

so i guess ill give cross a go. good luck to everyone and ill see you guys in the cold winds of jan. cant wait!


Anonymous said...

Matt - nice racing this weekend Tour of Catskills was great but so hard,. I grew up in Windham and still crapped the bed on the climbs,. See you on the road or maybe running in a cross race...

Jesse G

eric said...

i can out sprint everyone. i need a velodrome.

Anonymous said...

hilarious and true.