Tuesday, June 5, 2007



So, Danny told me to check out this wicked cool website called mapmyride.com. It is a nice way to post and share training rides. It gives distance and elevation.

The link above is a ride Danny, Eric Schou, and I rode the day before ESG qualifiers. It was a good 55 mile loop. Some flats for fast paceline work on 9J, a few small hills on the ESG course itself, and rollers in between.

I'd like to see Phil post that crazy 6K+ elevation gainer he planned out in Schenectady.

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Danny Goodwin said...

Cool--thanks James. I honestly had very little idea where we were the other day!

Here's my escarpment usual:
Now I gotta get Q to map out that 82-miler we did a couple of weeks ago, as well as the ride up and over Sickle Hill.