Friday, June 22, 2007

6/23 Pain Bucket Ride

The train leaves from the tennis courts in Washington Park at 7:30 am, sharp.


James said...

It was actually 106 miles for me.
4150 kJ.
So many town lines I lost count. Sure hope the distance/hills pay of at Owasco.

Danny Goodwin said...

I lost count too. But not counting the Slingerlands or Bethlehem town signs on the way home, I think I still came up with enough points for the golden bucket. Legs are just now returning to normal. I have a good feeling about Owasco.

Let's do that again! What a day. Thanks again to Eric for cooking this up and for the recovery libation.


Willem said...

If you're still unsure how much pain can fit in your bucket you should try the NAV tri-state. It includes taberton and rabbit college. if you still want to spend time in the pain cave then check out the NAV VT training camp ride
don't forget to click on the elevation profile.

Danny Goodwin said...

Hey Willem--nice to see you lurking here. When does the VT ride happen? Looks like a hoot. I know folks along the way we could hit on for cold beers. Is it all-out, or as Chuck likes to say "gentleman's pace" (which merely means stopping at a Stewarts for coffee and a danish every 4 hours)?