Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2 fast, 2 furious, 2 wheels.

I participated in the latest edition of that famed street racing saga on the way to the ride tonight when a kid on an old Schwinn 10 spd came up to me on Washington Ave.
kid: "yo race me."
me: "we can't just race, we need a place to race too."
kid: "i'm going straight"
me: "me too, but I don't know if this is fair, I've got this bag, see." points to messenger bag full of stuff.
kid: "I'm wearing jeans!"
me: "okay, i guess its even then............ go!"
so we ride next to each other for a block then the kid sort of attacked me, maybe inadvertently, but I represented by countering, putting it in the big ring and dropping him. He caught back up to me at the next red light and announced, "nice job lance."

Here are a couple pics from a less successful racing attempt, the Nutmeg Crit in New Britain CT:

at the start.

chicane on the backside.

Its a fun course. There's no real sharp corners but it has multiple sweepers, a slight elevation change and a good 300m drag race zone for the finishing straight. It was difficult to move up once the bigger teams got control and I spent the whole race floating between 10th and 30th. I Narrowlly missed two crashes but didn't get to the front in time to contest the sprint and came in as pack fill. I'll be back when the run the same course July 8, hopefully, with a lead-out train.

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