Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it just me or did we lose August some place? I like the cold morning rides and all, but the daily showers and high 70's? Normally I don't have to touch my lawn cause it's all brown and dead. Now it's crazy over grown. And with CRRR, NY TT Champs, Chris Thater, GMSR all coming up it is sure to be absurdly long by the time I actually get to it.

On the plus side I'll just mow a crazy cross course into it in September, put together some barriers, and amaze the "normal" neighbors with my antics. I can usually get away with it for about a week or two before the Missus says enough.


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Andrew J. Bernstein said...

I'm really feeling you on this one, Mark. Had to wear arm warmers and a vest this morning! That's not August...